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Spotlight Printing & Imaging - headshot reproductions litho printing 4-color work offset printing
Spotlight Printing & Imaging - headshot reproductions litho printing 4-color work offset printing

Best reproduction lab for your headshots and comp cards

Headshot Printers for actor headshots and model zedcards and comp cards need help with your headshots, compcards and zed cards Spotlight Printing & Imaging - headshot reproductions litho printing 4-color work offset printing
About our headshot printing, headshot reproductions and comp cards for models Rush headshot printing and comp cards Great reviews on our actor headshots and compcards for models
Comp cards for models and zedcard printing Upload your actor headshot or comp card model files Spotlight Printing & Imaging - headshot reproductions litho printing 4-color work offset printing
Head shot prints and headshot reproductions Spotlight Printing & Imaging - headshot reproductions litho printing 4-color work offset printing Contact us to order headshot prints and comp cards
Spotlight Printing - printing headshots and headshot prints Head shot printing prices and low comp card prices Layouts for our actor headshot reproductions and comp cards for models
Spotlight Printing & Imaging - headshot reproductions litho printing 4-color work offset printing
Spotlight Printing & Imaging - headshot reproductions litho printing 4-color work offset printing
Welcome to Spotlight Printing, currently the #1 choice for headshot printing and Comp Card reproductions.  NO HIDDEN FEES!  Green Friendly. Here at Spotlight Printing, all headshot reproductions come with: Free Online Proofs, Free Shipping, Free Airbrushing/Touch ups, Free Online Proofing, Free Custom Layouts, Free Headshot Inserts No Payment until approval and much more! Call us today at: 888-954-8467 or Email 24/7 Info@SpotlightPrinting.Net


Our clients explain why we are the best reproduction lab

for your headshot and comp card printing!

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Where do I start, Spotlight is THE BEST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I can be a little
demanding and stressed and Spotlight met with my needs so amazingly well. I was on a
deadline and only had a week till a event in NY and I needed to order comp cards and
usually it can take a few weeks to a month with other companies that charge an arm
and leg for the smallest amount of materials. Cyrus reassured me that everything
will be ok and they could send materials can be sent overnight with the charge for
next day of course. Orders usually take 3-4 business days with regular post. I felt
so much better after I heard the good news. Spotlight is extremely professional in
that they will send you continuous images of their products you customized to see if
it meets your approval. If not then you just respond with a correction and state it
and they will periodically every few hours see you new versions to see if you like
the end result. If so then just reply with a yes. The BEST SERVICE! Online website
customer care is excellent as well as phone service when you need to call and ask
questions. I for one will never go to any other place again to order my model/acting
materials. I am extremely happy here and will solely shop here from now on. They
create files for each customer and save all their materials for you. If something
needs to be updated they will update the original and save it for you. No need to
refill out the order forms. I was not sure how to reorder again. Cyrus just told me
to email them and request a new order. How simple can that be, I mean how many times
can I say LIKE! Another good thing is that there on the West Coast of the U.S. and I
am on the East Coast (3 hours ahead). It's nice that I can still call them until 8pm
in the evening if I need help or need to speak to someone about my order. Spotlight
is extremely good about responding to people ASAP! If they’re aware they respond
sometimes late in the night (have seen emails) or first thing in the morning when
they open. Plus the online customer care is already online it seems almost an hour
before they open up in the mornings. Once again Cyrus and team at Spotlight are
great. I had a few issues with my order with my photos in the beginning but Cyrus
was able to explain to me with patience how photos shrink and expand and that photos
sent to them have to be in the best quality: high resolution, bright. I recall the
first time when I called them and was still wondering about placing an order; I
asked if they were a large corp. or small? They mentioned small and I think that’s
how they are able to create orders in short amount of time with the best quality.
Big corps don't spend individual time on customer orders. They are just a number to
them, but at Spotlight customers are treated with the upmost care and degree of 100%
perfect craftsmanship. The materials are printed are nice glossy/good cardstock.
They can do airbrushing (what a nice added feature). They can also zoom in on a
photo at your request. They give good pointers on their Facebook post for
models/actors. And the best for last, they offer the best prices for high
quantities. Order through them and you won't be sad. You will LOVE them!

Kyle McKay

Dear Spotlight:

I just opened my comp cards- Thank You!

The quality stands out and I can only call your customer service exemplary. Spotlight turned the order around quickly, much to my satisfaction and more importantly, my client's. Everything from the web chat to the comuunication with smootly and quickly.

The color is spot on and the cards pop with rich beautiful tones from brightest highlights to deepest shadow.

The cards from another vendor with muddy and dull.

Thanks for providing an excellent experience. I will spread the word.

William Jordan

Guy Jordon Photography

No need to go anywhere else! Product is high quality heavy card stock comp cards!!!!!
Super fast production and delivery. No need to shop around. I was skeptical since
there are so many comp/zed card printers out there. However, this place is A+++.

Chicago, IL

Just received our overnight, last minute rush order and delivery and want to say THANK YOU! For an excellent and professional service with outstanding quality and making this event the best for us by keeping your word that everything would be
perfect and it is. I waited until last minute and trusted the right company that you could deliver and you did! Thank you thank you thank you!


Spotlight printing was nothing but a GREAT experience. This was my first time ordering composition cards, and it couldn't have been easier, and more professional. I had many opportunities to change and tweak things to my liking, and received my
cards very quickly on the east coast. I am very pleased with the work, and would definitely order from them again and refer them.

Christine F.

Prompt courteous and EFFICIENT service. Everything delivered as promised. No hidden fees, no suprises. Second experience with this company - both times very satisfied! Each question/email was answered almost immediately, quality of headshot was great. This was a great value.

Definitely will use Spotlight again!

Decantur, Il


As a professional photographer, I'm very meticulous about the advertisement aspects of my business. For the last 10 years, I've been ordering zed cards with great satisfaction from Spotlight Printing. Yesterday, I received my new order of 300 folded zed cards ( UV paper coating / bright colors ) and as usual the quality of work is SPECTACULAR!!!. Thanks so much for the excellent job, quick delivery and your unbeatable pricing. I'll keep recommending you to all my potential clients. Best!!!


carlos b.
Los Angeles, CA

To whom it concerns at Spotlight... I just wanted to thank you for constantly great service and quality printing. I am a headshot photographer and many clients ask where to get printing at. Before you I would say "Reproductions" but their price and lack of customer service made people uncomfortable. Then I heard about your company through one of my clients, showed me their proofs and great CS email interactions. You are by far the best in the industry and you are my number one go to for my 400 new clients each year. They have all come back thanking me for sending them to you, and now it's my turn to thank YOU!



Curtis Brown

Got acting headshots printed from Spotlight Printing
My headshots look phenomenal and truely professional. I will absolutely use them again when I need more prints. I am going straight to spotlight printing.


joe s.
Nottingham, MD

This was not a good week for me and my business. I work with a photographer that Ripped me off and an online Retail store that took my money So I was a little skeptical to order from another online site. I am a mother of 3 and I am trying to get my kids into the business. In any case, I somehow came across spotlight printing from browsing online. I was looking for a place to do the comp/zed cards and black and white head shots for my 2 children. I took the time out to read some of other people comments that was posted on the website which all sounded so good. The Best part about Spotlight Printing was that you do not have to pay until after you have approved your proof order. I was able to order everything, I slightley custom made my son comp cards and I was able to view my whole order and pay when I was satisfied with my proofs. Spotlight Printing Customer service was quick and prompt to my every need. I spent $287 in total which included 200 Comp/Zed
cards for both my children. 200 Black and White photos for both my children. U/V for the black and white photos, and I had this shipped overnight by air. GREAT PRICE! I believe I got my money worth plus a little bit more if you ask me.† Everything was done so professional. From the packaging of the items to my receipt that they had stapled to my invoice. This was the only Legit Place That I dealt with this week. I will order more in the future as I still have my other little one in need of photos. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!


Mom of Models/Actors in training
Kadijah Reams†

This print house is in California, but that is irrelevant because they ship reasonably! Affordable prices, excellent quality, great customer service and quick turn around time, plus lots of tweaking for picky customers like we are.... all for free! Plus they don't charge until you sign off on the proofs. If you need head shots, Zed cards or anything for the world of acting/modeling, you can't go wrong with this on-target company


tracy G.
Portland, ME


I just had to drop a note of sincere gratitude to the entire Spotlight
Printing team. I placed an order, was unhappy with it, and decided to
contact you all about it. I was always greeted with positivity and
understanding on the phone, got very fast responses to emails, and most
important, I was given an amazing solution to my initial unhappiness with the order- and the end result is 10 times better than I hoped for. You guys are just the frickin' best. :-)

Thank You Again,

Kiarri D. Andrews
Happy Returning Crazy Guy/Customer


Hello - I wanted to let you know that I received my order today and the
quality is STUNNING! My headshots have never looked this good before.
Thank You so much!! I will definately use spotlight for all my future
pringting needs. :)

Laura Putnam


Hello All at Spotlight, I've just received my colored Headshot and Business cards and couldn't be happier. Thank you soooooo much. You are efficient, cost effective and deliver a 1st class product. I love
the UV coating on the Headshot and always love the full bleed layout. I love the shipping included. I have already given your name to several of my agents and will definitely recommend you to my model and acting friends. When I need a reorder or need other products, I most certainly will be back.

Warm regards

Clare Spiegel


We had a misunderstanding in the beginning, but they made it right - AND QUICKLY! We had ordered ZED cards, but our photographer had supplied an 8 x 10 shot. This ZED card thing being new to me, I didn't know. But I got the correct size picture from the photographer and...

without a fight,
made it right,
over night!

I have NO complaints

Carol R.
Livermore, CA


I just love Spotlight Printing! They are not expensive and their materials are bright & clear. When ever I need Head Shots or Modeling Composite Cards no matter the size, Spotlight Printing are very professional with their products. Celebrities are using their services because they are #1 printing company worldwide.


Delray Beach, FL

Great quality! i was looking for lithographs on a nice heavy stock for autographing & spotlight had it in matte or a more glossy option. i was able to pick up my order & saw other samples as well (lots of celebrities!) ill come back but probably opt for their free shipping next time!

Diane a.
Beverly Hills, CA

To whom this may concern,


I literally just received my order of ZED (Comp) Cards, and am so unbelievably satisfied and impressed that I felt compelled to write a testimonial, which I can honestly say, I've never done before! THANK YOU Spotlight Printing for offering an amazing product at such a reasonable price. My son has been a child model for the last three years. In that time, I've done ALL his photo printing via a local photo developing shop. Though they are great in what they do and serve their purpose well for developing family photos, they have been extremely pricey when it comes to the large batches of 5x7 prints I've had to keep his agency supplied with. Being afraid of what it would cost to have 'real' comp cards printed, I've taken it upon myself to group his professional photos into a design similar to an actual comp card, and had them printed as 5x7's. Though admittedly they came out pretty good...there's simply NO comparison to what I hold in my hand now, thanks to Spotlight Printing!! NOW he has an actual, extremely professional looking dual sided ZED (Comp) Card, which I am all too happy to send off to his agency.

My son has just recently been signed with Wilhelmina Models in New York City, and your company was able to add their logo onto his ZED (Comp) Cards, for an even more professional look. Simply put...the cards are honest and truly amazing; more than I expected and even better than I hoped for! I also would like to point out the friendly, and prompt customer service. I received my "proof" immediately, and had my 'first timer' questions answered quickly and efficiently. If anyone has ANY doubts what-so-ever of giving Spotlight Printing a shot for their printing needs, I suggest to you that you go ahead and give them a chance. I have no doubts you will be equally satisfied. Like all mom's, I want nothing but the best for my child...the clarity of the prints are beautiful and true to his photos. The added touch of something as simple as the border Spotlight added around each of the pics made each photo even that much nicer. I am so totally and completely satisfied that I could go on and on right now, but I'll spare you all from further rambling. Please, if you're tired of paying the ridiculous high prices of photo developing/camera shops and/or other printing companies, or perhaps paying equal price with far less quality, give Spotlight Printing a try. You have nothing to lose but your disappointment from all those other printers!!! You've taken the time and the money to have great professional photos done...why not have them printed to the absolute best quality as well? The fact that you can also do so with an outstanding price, makes Spotlight Printing in my humble opinion, untouchable.

Thank you again Spotlight Printing; I look forward to using you for ALL my future Zed (Comp) Card printing needs!


Thank you!


I never EVER right testimonials for anything I order online but you all did such an amazing job with my headshots that i had to say something! Thank you for your top of the line service. Not only did you get my headshots to me in record timing but the retouches were fantastic! There was one thing that I forgot to ask you all to retouch but you picked up on it and did it anyway!! So again thank you! I can't wait to tell all my friends about it!! They look wonderful!!  Thank you guys so much!  You're the best! I will be referring you to all my friends!!

Thank you!


Are you deliberately trying to confuse me?  Just when I had finally concluded that competence, quality, and fast service were extinct in the U.S., you just had to prove me wrong.
  Let's see now:  I was referred to you by a longtime friend/colleague, I e-mailed a few questions Sunday night, and someone sent a succinct and friendly reply early Monday morning.  I then place the order that same Monday, upload my headshot file, and within about 15 minutes receive an e-mailed jpg that is cropped perfectly, converted from color to b&w, and has my somewhat difficult name spelled correctly.  After approving the order, a very pleasant and thorough lady calls me to collect payment, and the call is done within two minutes.  And then, after a few instances of fretting about whether the headshots will really be delivered in time for my out-of-town audition in two weeks, the finished headshots arrive on my doorstep on Wednesday -- just over 48 hours after placing the order, and with superb quality.
  If confusing people with such outstanding service in this day and age is something you obviously relish doing, then I'm afraid my only recourse is to remain a lifelong customer and tell all my colleagues about your very odd business practices.
  In short and in all seriousness, I am truly amazed by this entire experience and am completely pleased with the results.  My upcoming audition is rather major for me, and I am grateful that you have actually helped alleviate one of my worries.  Oh, and I didn't understand what your website meant about the paper stock, but I love the extra thickness -- it gives it a markedly sturdier feel.
  Many, many thanks!
  Joseph Grienenberger
  San Diego, CA



i looooovvvee my order.
thanks you guys do GREAT work...will be recommending you to others


Dear friends!
I just wanted to pass on the information of a company I just dealt with to get headshots and compcards printed through them.  My friend Romina had recomened them! I got my headshots printed about 6 months ago for a VERY good price .  Much cheaper then
anything in NY, including shipping.  They are located in California so if you order from them there's no tax.  In other words what you'd pay in tax in NY is what you spend on shipping.  I recently ordered Compcards and paid for express shipping and it still came out cheaper then getting them done in NY and I got them 2 days later! Now ask me why Im bothering sending this email... its simply because I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding customer service that this company has given me.  When I was ordering my compcards I was debating between 2 different pictures for my main picture and obviously that would affect the pictures behind.  After a few emails back and forth I decided on one and ordered and had it sent express mail cause I was coming back to Italy that weekend.  When I received it friday they were wrong.  They put the same pic in front and in the back.  So I send them an email and they answer back that they can have it reprinted and get it to me by monday (no charge)...but I was leaving Sunday to Italy! 
Long story long, they have reprinted my comp cards and had them sent to Italy (obviously the shipping charges are much more) at no extra charge!!!  I was absolutely flabbergasted and shocked!
I can definitely say they won my loyalty to use their company from now on!  And I suggest you guys should try them out.  For those of you that aren't "artists" they do other kinds of printing as cards, postcards, etc...Their name is Spotlight printing
and they are fantastic!  Ah, and let me say the quality is GREAT!
ok, thats all! When I find something good (usually a great coffee place in NYC)  I just feet the need to pass it on to my friends!!

Geraldine Rojas


Dear Spotlight Printing,

I just received my Composite (ZED) Cards and Headshots today and they look beautiful. I have never in countered a business that gave so much customer service. Right once I submitted everything (which was so easy) I got an immediate email to confirm my order. Then, in less than 4 hours I received the proofs. I was so happy that they sent me proofs before they printed because some of the picture I sent was incorrect, so the proofs were very convenient. Also they sent me the UPS Tracking Number which no other headshot service has done for me, so I was able to track the package and make sure it was here on time. And to top it all off, instead of doing unsafe Paypal I was able to call and talk to a secure representative and give just enough card information for them to process the order. At first I was a little worried about my pictures because they didn't look exactly how I wanted them to look. But Spotlight Printing made my pictures look great, and
they retouched somethings that didn't even ask them to!!!! And I can't forget that they got my pictures were sent 3 days after I ordered them, just in time for my convention.

Thank You Spotlight Printing,

Amara Lawson


Hello. I just wanted to let you guys know that we received our order for
card style wedding invitations right on time today and they are absolutely perfect! You always do such a fantastic job and I recommend you often.
This card style invitation was something I had certainly never done before and something I had never seen done before but it's what my daughter wanted to so we went for it. I told her that I trusted no one but Spotlight Printing to do the printing as you have never left me disappointed. I just wanted to say thanks....I really appreciate you. The invitations could not have turned out better.

Many blessings,
Sue Harris


I received the cards and they are beautiful! Thank you.
I will use your business again in the near future and refer!

Caprisha Smyles


I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for designing and
putting together my zed card.

I received them in the mail last week. I am so pleased with the final
product. The picture quality and the materials that you used for
printing are perfect!

I really appreciate your work on my card.

Amery Monson






I just wanted to say thank you so much to whom it may concern.  My shots came fast and perfect.  I am very satisfied with your service and have recommended you all to every actor I know.

Joshua Smith


Thankyou for a fast delivery. The zed cards look great. We are very satisfied. You have definately earned our business for future orders. We will spread the word.
Thanks again!
Kim Holland


I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I received my order yesterday. I couldn't be happier with your work!!! They look great!!!

Thank you again,
Andrew Huff

Yes I want to thank you very much, also the best Quality I have ever seen the paper and the weight is awesome, I will promote you  bigtime, you guys are the best, I will be getting another order soon, all I can say is I am impressed the work  etc you all do, the best!!!!!!

Todd Taylor

I recieved my zed cards today, what a great job spotlight printing did!! I will refer you to all my agencies and friends, thank you for the fast delivery as well.

Thank you
Krystal Hall


WOW!! I got my cards and headshots yesterday, and they are FANTASTIC!!! I love them!! Thank you so much!!!



Thank you so much for a superior product.  I ordered  headshots and ZED cards and they are fabulous.  You did a great job  with the design and I appreciate you guidance.  I will be ordering from you  again.
Virginia Beach
Marietta, Georgia


I ordered my headshots from you guys a while ago and now I'm back to get my photo postcards done.  I love your ease of customer service, speed and the quality of your work.  Thanks for making doing business with you so easy!!




Thank you for the quick turn around time on my headshots!
They look amazing! The quality is awesome and the prices are even better! I've told all my friends about Spotlight! You guys rock!

Kat Blair
Nashville, TN


I just got my order and am totally thrilled with how it turned out!  Thank you for taking special care with the color balance, the touch-up is fantastic and I LOVE the gloss coating!  The whole order was really well executed, your turnaround was very timely and your price is the best around.  I'll gladly refer you and I'll definitely be back myself.

Nicolas T.


Thank you for printing my headshots. I received them on time and am
satisfied with the quality. . I appreciate your company being
reasonable in price and equal in quality. Also, I like the card-stock paper, as I know I would surely get finger prints all over the photo paper. It's"Kathryn-proof"


I wanted to write a testimonial because I am so impressed with your product and customer service.  I originally had my comp cards reproduced at a very expensive printer in NYC upon the request of my agency, but  the customer service was terrible and I didn't get my
cards until a month later.  I wanted to have more cards made because I would like to send them out to different agencies, so since I was out of business cards, I conducted an inexpensive test with your company.  I figured I didn't have much to loose for $25!  When I received the business cards in the mail I was so excited because they looked so
terrific and I knew immediately that the comp cards would look just as good.  Now that I have such a great calling card, I always remember to give them out  and I am contacted because of how professional they look.  Of course, I immediately placed an order for the comp cards after I received the business cards.

I just received my new comp cards from FedEx a few minutes ago and I am equally satisfied with the quality.  I actually think they look better than the more expensive ones I had done here in the City!  I must say that when I was contacted by Shauna in Customer Service for payment, I was delighted at how informative and helpful she was.

Overall, this experience has been excellent and I intend to use your service exclusively in future.

Thank you so much Spotlight Printing!

With very best regards,
Jacquelyn, New York City



I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for designing and
putting together my zed card. I received them in the mail last week. I am so pleased with the final product. The picture quality and the materials that you used for printing are perfect!

I really appreciate your work on my card.

Amery M.


I received my 8 x 10's yesterday.  Very nice.  Ordering from you guys was
the easiest, quickest, most painless thing I've ever done.  I will be in

Thank You,

To the folks at Spotlight:
 CAN I PLEASE SAY HOW MUCH YOU ROCK?! In every way, I was overwhelmed by the efficiency and attentiveness of the Spotlight staff. I received my 500 headshots and 500 business cards today and they look amazing. I would usually pay $1000 + for this (especially with all the retouching you did), but my grand total WITH shipping was $225. I can not rave enough. I will just spread the word.


You guys are amazing! I've never seen such a fast turn-around with such high quality!

David Polcino


Comp cards arrived today and look great!  Thanks so much for your help -

Gulfport, MS


I would like to say thank you for a great job done on both  comp cards and 8 x 10 head shots.   They both came out  awesome!!!  I will definitely recommend you highly.


Betty  Miloscia,    Stuart, Florida


Just recieved my business cards, and wanted to say thank you. Great
quality....exactly what I wanted. Just so you know I have referred friends in the business to you. You should be hearing from Kadian a good friend of mine as well as others from the Boston area. I should be needing more comp cards that I ordered locally and will be placing the order through you.

Thanks again



I recieved the comp cards.. They look so good!! Thank
you so much!! You guys are so awesome..  I will definetly spread the
word about you guys..

Thanks again!


TO the staff at Spotlight Printing,
I am so pleased with Spring and Summer's headshots.  I got nothing but compliments from other people about the work done with the headshots.  So keep up the good work because I have more work for you guys.
Thanks Again,


I received my head-shots.  I am very happy with the quality and the expediency. Thank you very much.  You definitely have a future customer!



I've sent MANY of my friends to your web site for help with business cards, headshot reproductions and postcards. I wanted to let you know that I love your work and I send all my folks your way. Thank you for the help. The quality and reasonable pricing of your products is outstanding. Thank you so much.


Customer for life,
James E. Bullard



I have used your services before. You did her first headshots & got them to me as I was putting her in the car for her first audition. I was so nervous to show up without them....but just as we were getting in the drove up with them! We have received many compliments. We were so grateful to Spotlight Printing.

Canyon County, CA.



"Great Service, Fast Turn-around, the best-Thanks"

Houston, Tx.



"I have been to many printers for headshots-this is far the best quality I have received. Other printers that give 'low prices' give poor quality pics that are grainy and unclear and stick you with increased fees Not Spotlight Printing- -Thanks!"

New York, NY.



"Free Airbrushing, Free Setups, -Fast and courteous Service-Spotlight you are the Best!"

Los Angeles, CA.



" Don't be duped by other printers 'Special offers' I was and got stuck with $30 set-up fee, and outrageous shipping costs Spotlight Printing sticks to their 'No Hidden Fees' slogan- Thanks!

Atlanta, GA.


Thanks a bunch for a superb, incredible look you gave to my recent 8 pic composite.
  You are excellent !!
  Your work helps me get a lot of work.
Thanks Again.
Ross DiVito


Just wanted to let you know that I got my cards yesterday.  I'm very happy with the quality and the speed of the order.  I showed them to my agency and they loved them, especially at this price.   I will definitely use you guys in the future.  I meet a lot of people, if you want to send me some business cards, I will happily give them out to other models.


HEY SPOTLIGHT!!!  Great job on the headshots, zed cards and business cards!

Charles Duff  



I received my order today and wanted to thank you for an excellent job! I will tell all my friends about you...



Hey all,
Just received my headshots, zed cards and business cards today.

Phenomenal...nuff' said :-)

Thanks for everything,


I want to thank you for completing our order with such short notice.  It arrived Saturday morning just in time for my daughters trip to Spain and the comp cards look great!


I wanted to thank you the Comp cards came out great!
I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
  R. Fuhrer


I received my headshot/ comp cards today... they came out excellent!
I'm very happy, and have told many people about your work!

Thanks again!


I received the reprints and they look GREAT!!! Thank you....great job, as usual! I've been sending you lots of business I will continue to use you and refer your company to all my industry connects! Remember me:-)!

Thanks again!
Caprisha Smyles


These are the BEST comp cards I've ever had!!!:)
Really nice job! Thanks ever so much!:)

Michelle Baker :)


Hello to the Spotlight Printing Team!

I received my order on Saturday morning! The headshots, cards and post cards look AMAZING! Much better than I could have imagined.

I'm sorry if I was a difficult customer. I didn't really know what I wanted or I knew what I wanted but just didn't know how to communicate it, but y'all are like mind-readers and gave me BEYOND my expectations.

Thank you for your patience and kindness! You have a customer for life in me!

I will tell everyone about YOU!

Please tell everyone thank you and I appreciate all of the hard work and effort that went into getting this printed, cut and shipped!

Absolutely Amazing!


Hello. I just wanted to let you guys know that we received our order for
card style wedding invitations right on time today and they are absolutely perfect! You always do such a fantastic job and I recommend you often.

This card style invitation was something I had certainly never done before and something I had never seen done before but it's what my daughter wanted to so we went for it. I told her that I trusted no one but Spotlight Printing to do the printing as you have never left me disappointed. I just wanted to say thanks....I really appreciate you. The invitations could not have turned out better.

Many blessings,
Sue Harris

I just received my order and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Just wanted to say thanks for such a great job and the quality is out of this world!! I will definitely re-order when I run out and recommend like crazy :)


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